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22 Of The Best Discounted Bikinis Under $16

March 16, 2017
Bikinis 2017 bikini inspiration cheap swimsuits

Cute Cheap Bikinis

It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve seen bikinis that would make me look like a beach goddess, only to realize that the piece was upwards of $60. Honestly, anything above $30 is a stretch for me unless it’s an investment. By investment,  I mean something I’m going to wear 5x a day for an entire season. 

By the way, I use the term ‘season’ loosely. Y’all know that the stability and predictability of this weather is like Ronnie and Sammie’s relationship from Jersey Shore. 

 Why are clothes-mainly swimsuits so expensive?! Talk about traumatizing. You wear them during one season, unless you’re #blessed enough to live somewhere nice and sunny year round. Cute, Trendy boutiques hike up the prices, when a lot don’t even make the suits themselves. They buy them wholesale through online retailers like Aliexpress. I get their hustle, but a girls gotta look good on a budget.  

Secret Go-To Cute Cheap Bikinis

Aliexpress is far from perfect. Their turnaround times make me want to cry when the bikinis look so good and the price is so right. You cannot tell me a thiiiiiing in these bikinis. They make my body look so snatched, it’s almost like those donuts I binge-ate didn’t even count. To top it off, some of my favorite pieces even have coupons and most have free shipping. If you’re not thinking “Sign me tf up”, you deserve to pay full retail prices for swimsuits. Girl. 

Bikinis 2017 bikini inspiration cheap swimsuits

Pin now and save for later!

Whenever you get paid, please go ahead and buy a few to test them out. It’ll take time to get to you and sometimes you may think it will never come. It may get stuck at customs for a while. It be lie that sometimes. But, I’m a sucker for an amazing deal.  My fail proof method is to Always use PayPal to checkout. If anything goes wrong or even if it takes longer than expected, PayPal makes it so easy to get your money back. You can even use Pay After Delivery which lets you order them whenever you please and not have to pay for two weeks. 

Safer Cute Cheap Bikinis

Amazon. If you’re s student, sign up for Amazon prime like now. They have a SIX MONTH free trail. Also Free 2 day shipping, which will save your ass from the month long Aliexpress wait. They’ve got pretty much the same stuff, and you can see reviews along with pictures. My Amazon recommendations are after this post.

These opinions are all my own, even though this is a sponsored post. These are things that I have previously purchased myself, and have recommended to friends. I do encourage you to do your research and decide on your own if it is worth it or not.

If you have a favorite spot to get great deals on a bikini, or have a story of the best deal you’ve gotten, please share in the comments below!

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