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Derika: I’d be lying if I said I always had my ducks in a row. Or a clear vision with goals and milestones. Instead, I took everything one plan at a time. Seriously. I had a master plan for everything somewhat exciting in my life. Or in my friends’ lives. I knew I loved helping people and was known for my compassion and selflessness, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Especially in a way that appeased my parents enough to get them off my back. Cue eyeroll.

I was known for always doing something slightly different from the ‘norm’. My ideas were sometimes met with laughs and ridicule, but my personality and motivation got me to where I am today. Looking back and laughing at all the unrealistic expectations I once set for myself helps me create posts that you can relate to.
Me As A Mom was born, with the intentions of helping people through the mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned. Knowing I’ve helped someone do something that they wish keeps me going.

Some of my Most Helpful Posts Are:

Doug: I started working at a nutrition shop, by offering to help the owner clean of stock shelves for free when I could. While working, I absorbed all the lessons the owner taught to customers and researching new studies about nutrition. When the owner had to leave the store for an entire summer, I became the sole manager. During that time, the small Nutrition Zone in Bismarck, ND, became #1 in the nation in sales. I was only 17 at the time.

I joined the army a year later to explore the world around me. During that time, my buddies always came to me for new workout ideas or nutrition tips to reach whatever fitness goals they want.

Some of my Most Helpful Posts Are:

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