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Newborn life was a blur and calling it an adjustment is an understatement. Honestly. So many mamas say that going from 0-1 was the roughest transition and I can’t blame them. I seriously don’t know how our mamas kept their sanity without all the cozy luxuries we have now.

These products made my life so much easier when, tbh, we didn’t know what the hell we were doing.

Check out my list of holy-grail newborn products listed by category below!
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I’m biased because I’m a sucker for great customer service. Aden + Anais is sooo incredible and there’s a reason why their swaddles are the most recommended. They don’t feel rough and last an insanely long amount of time. They hold up great in the washer and have caught Aiden’s throw up and messes countless times. I use it for a burp cloth, car-seat cover, and blanket nowadays. 10/10. Another, yet pricier, option is the Baby Tula blanket. It’s so incredibly soft and large! They make great photo-ops and are just pretty to look at.

Velcro Swaddles

I know, ‘Why both?’ Aiden was a piece of work. Babies constantly breaking out of swaddles isn’t fun for parents low on sleep. These did the trick in a pinch of time and let me keep my babe on a sleep schedule. Word of advice, you’re gonna need at least 5. Count on at least 2 being dirty and 1 in the washing machine. Come time for the baby to sleep and he just spit up on your last one, you’re gonna be thanking me.


I first heard of this diaper bag on Babycenter and I didn’t understand it AT ALL. Until I watched the packing videos on Youtube. And decided to cloth diaper. Those mamas are ju-ju-fiends. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need another diaper bag. Another adequate one doesn’t exist. If there’s a list out there that doesn’t include a single version of JJB, consider it invalid.


6 Carrying Positions. Mesh carriers, which keep you cool in summer. Cute prints. A pocket. A hood. Lumbar Support. Do I really need to say more? A Tula and Ergo don’t offer all these luxuries for that price, mama. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
Not a babywearing mama? Not sure where to wear it? I didn’t leave the house much until Aiden was around 6 weeks. I still wore it nearly everyday. It’s so easy to get stuff done while babywearing like cleaning, eating, walking, etc. It makes grocery shopping a total breeze, too. Honestly, we used a stroller a total of 3 times from the time Aiden was born until he was 10 months, because of babywearing.


Before we had Aiden, my husband didn’t get the purpose of a swing. He’d say ‘Why do we need a swing if we can just hold our baby?’ Now, he agrees that this is a must-have. Between needing to take a shower and needing to put your baby to sleep, I will not quit raising the praise of my Mamaroo.

Baby must haves new parents 4MOMS mammaroo swing

Baby must haves new parents 4MOMS mammaroo swing


My son has very sensitive skin and eczema like his mama. We’ve tried most brands of skincare readily available at target, which weren’t really helping. I’ve rounded up my top 8 favs over on this post, but here’s a little snippet of them.


NoseFrida is a must-have. Snot-sucking sounds gross, but it gets the shit out. Try using one then the bulbs the hospital gives you. The difference is crazy. Plus, it doesn’t store mold like the bulbs do.
Gripe Water kept my baby’s hiccups at bay and seemed to calm him down when he got crazy.
You go through pacifiers like hairbands. The silicone pacifier clip keeps it attached to your baby, babycarrier, stroller, etc. Plus, it gives your baby a second thing to chew on!
I also loved having a wubbanub as both a toy and a pacifier. He seemed to like it more when he was after 1 month than he did as a newborn.
The My BrestFriend nursing pillow provides so much more support than a Boppy. It’s even got a pouch for your phone and water.

Little Known Secret Deals

Some of these prices hefty but I’ll let you in on a few secrets. Target usually does quarterly baby sales with items marked down 25% off. Combine that with your 15% off completion discount from your registry, on top of your 5%off redcard discount. Bam! You’ve got HALF OFF. Amazon Warehouse even has insane discounts on open-boxed, but unused products.
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What were some of your favorite products?