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Cheap Thoughtful Mothers Day Gift Ideas Under $25

March 27, 2017
Mother's Day gift ideas unique

Sooooooo much respect for all the mothers in my life. My mom, my sisters, my friends’, my husbands’, you get the deal. But, I don’t usually know what to get them. We gossip, catch up, sympathize, laugh, and enjoy each others company. You know, the usual. But, we don’t really talk about things we want for this day.
Ahem. The day that celebrates a miracle and the hard work, sacrifices, and love that comes with it. By sacrifices, I mean sleep deprivation, tears, and so much poop.

Mother's Day gift ideas unique

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I’m constantly bombarded with ads for jewelry, when I don’t even know her preferences.
Perfumes, but most mothers I know typically stick to 1-3 scents. Boring, I know.
Chocolate covered fruit, which is kind but yuck. Hear me out, my Nutella covered strawberries have more flavor.

A lot of times, we may stick to the same gift. Or even a gift card, because we may not have enough time or know what they want.

My favorite gift to give is some basket, jar, or mug, that comes with a few cute, thoughtful, and useful knick knacks. The goal is to get things that make them feel good. Tears have resulted from these insanely adorable gifts.So beware.

A lot of times, I didn’t have enough money to give my mom, MIL, and friend a single gift they really desired. I didn’t know where to start!
When I went shopping, I always saw little things here and there that I knew they’d enjoy. The idea of putting it all together dawned on me. These are the gifts I always enjoyed most. Thoughtful, smaller, ones that showed someone had you in mind.
Super sweet and won’t break the bank.

I typically buy 2-3 things from each category. Then I mix and match, making sure each one represents things they’d love.

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The links below are sponsored, but these are just to give you an idea of what I’ve chosen.


Coffee Mugs
Mint mug Mother's Day gift

$5.99 Super cute inspirational mint mug.

Cute cheap Mother's Day gift mug

$10 Chic Copper Mug

Cute Cheap Inexpensive Mothers Day Gift Idea White Mug

$5.99 Ivory Positive Affirmation Mug

Speckled Mnogram Mug Cheap mothers dual gift idea.

$9.60 This speckled Mug is the cutest one I’ve seen. It’s so sleek and Chic!

Bath Bombs
Lush Cosmetics Galaxy Bath Bomb Cheap Inexpensive Mothers Day Gift Idea

For $7.75, this galactic bath bomb is gonna blow their world.

Lush Cosmetics Bath Bomb Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas

$5 Super Hydrating Lush Bathbomb. Who wants dry skin?

Sex Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Inexpensive Cheap Mother's Day gift idea

$8 Sex Bomb. Your skin will be feeling like a virgin, although the name suggests otherwise.

Cruelty free vegan lush Cosmetics bath bomb Cheap Mother's Day gift idea

This $8 twilight bath bomb is better than vampires.

Spa Day
Pretty Handmade Soap stone soap cheap Mother's Day gift

$7.95 Cute fragrant Stone Soap. If they still use bar soap, this one is at least pretty to look at!

Lush Cosmetics Foot Soak Inexpensive Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas

$7 Vegan, Cruelty Free, USA made Lush Foot Soak

Jasmine Bath salts cheap Mother's Day gift idea.

The only crazy thing about these $8.99 bath salts is how good they are for the price

Shea Moisture scrub Cheap Mother's Day gift idea

$10 for an incredible smelling, gluten and cruelty free scrub that’ll take her to the islands.

Skin Treatments
Drunk Elephant DayGlow duo Cheap Mother's Day gift idea

$23 isn’t much to pay for an incredibly glowing complexion. That mom will thank you.

Grate Maracuja oil cheap Mother's Day gift idea

$15 will change your skin. The travel size packs a punch and is very potent.

L'Oréal pure clay mask charcoal mask Mother's Day gift idea

If you haven’t heard about charcoal masks, you’ve lived under a rock. $10 isn’t much to experience magic.

Holy grail pixie glow tonic Mother's Day gift idea

$15 Life Changer- Seriously. Get it for yourself if you won’t get it for your mom

Mario badescu facial spray Mother's Day gift idea

For $7 a moms face will feel like an angel kissed it.

Inflatable Crown Cheap Mothers Day Gift Idea

For $6.19, make her feel like royalty.

Copper Head Massager Cheap Mothers Day Gift Idea

$5 Copper head Massager. Looks like an opened wisk, but feels incredible.

Kind plus bar cheap inexpensive Mother's Day gift idea.

For 4.99 you can really be KIND by giving them this healthy, tasty, energy packed filler!

Happy grey fuzzy socks cheap Mother's Day gift idea

If fuzzy socks don’t make you feel good enough, these $7.99 happy ones will do the trick !

Votive stained mercury candle holder Cheap Mother's Day gift idea.

$2.99 Stained Mercury Votives. Super cute filler!

Fuzzy faux fur slides white cheap Mother's Day gift idea.

$18 Fuzzy Slides that are trendy and comfy.

You get the idea? Top it off with a super funny or cute handmade card. It’ll be 1000x more thoughtful than any one you can buy. Can’t think of any ideas? Click here to download my Free Printable Card!
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  • This is such a cute idea!

    • Thank you! It’s my favorite!

  • um..yes, please! I don’t have a mom to give gifts to. But I am a mom, and these are definitely wants! Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sending this link to my husband! LOL

    • lol I’m so glad I could help!

  • I love most of these (and hope the S/O + kiddos see this post) although I have to admit that I’m definitely tired of coffee mugs. I have so many I might start breaking them to make mosaic tiles lol.

    • I prefer travel mugs myself, but they weren’t in this price range! I should’ve looked up cute wine glasses.

  • love it all. especially the metal votives. great selection x

    • They seriously caught my eye, and not just for the price.

  • Great idea of gifts…..now who wouldn’t want or love any of these?
    Thanks for sharing, Derika <3
    I'm def going to share this one :*

    • Seriously! It’s so versatile. Especially the skin care products! Everyone needs to cherish their skin!

  • Hmm, going to keep this in my bookmarks as May approaches!

    • Definitely do! I’ve added most to my wishlist!

  • Love these so much!! I’m pretty sure I want most of these for myself!

    • I know, right? Maybe send this list to someone for your birthday 😉

  • Alisha

    I love these ideas! My husband always tells me that he doesn’t know what to get me for holidays and my birthday. So last year for Christmas my son suggested giving me a coffee mug, since I’m a coffee-a-holic. And I must say, the mug they bought was one of the best gifts I’ve received. I absolutely love it and it was less than $30!

    • Glad you liked it!
      Mugs are so cute and functional.

  • Great ideas! I love the bath bombs, and is that a crown ring? All great gifts, great job. My name is Brandy, and im new to the blogging community, its really nice to meet you guys! I hope you have a blessed day http://whimsicalwolfblog.com/

    • I love bath bombs, too! The ones I’ve listed are a tad pricey, but they’re all vegan, cruelty free, and USA Made 🙂
      Welcome to the blogging community!

  • What a great list! I love the speckled and copper mugs! – Amy

    • We have the same taste!

  • These are all really great ideas too! I’ll have to use these when Mother’s Day comes around!

    • Absoltely! Especially the fuzzy slippers and inflatable crown!

  • Ohh, great ideas! I love the motivation mug. I want these, I wish it hadn’t passed Mothers Day in the UK already!

    • Thankfully these gifts are evergreen, so you can definitely ask for them for a birthday present!

  • Those bath bombs are a great idea! I know a lot of girls who really love them.

    • They will change your life. I’m not over-exaggerating.

  • great gift guide!!

  • Hey Derrika! Where do I go to subscribe to your blog? BTW the template and photos are SO cute! I love it!

    • I’m so glad you love it!
      Glad you asked,I added a subscription box to the top of the page!

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