Renovation on A Budget DIY

It doesn’t seem like there’s a way to get lots of the expensive touches we want for a fraction of the price, but there is.

Renovation on A Budget DIY

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I’m not talking about wholesale, warehouse, or outlet “discounts”. Nope. 

Renovation on a Budget Friendly Store

Habitat for Humanity has their own donation-based store called ‘ReStore’. Whenever people have leftover materials, a lot of them will donate it to Habitat for Humanity. Nice tax write off, and it’s much better than throwing it off in a dumpster or leaving it in the basement unused. My one stop shop and go to for a renovation on a budget.

It’s crazy how often they get large slabs of granite and pallets of materials. Obviously, they fly off the shelves like hot cakes.

Speaking of large quantities, I found pallets of this backsplash. I’m sure it would look incredible all over a bathroom. 

renovation sale budget cheap discounted wholesale backsplash

Pallets of this one backsplash!

Other parts, they may not have a boat load of. These may be best in smaller areas, unless you know for sure that you can get the rest at a discount as well. 

White grey backsplash tile stacked Remodel renovation sale discounted budget

Would love to see this in a bathroom.

Light white great tile backsplash sale budget Remodel kitchen

Low vet his for a backsplash!

As you can see, they’ve got loads of flooring materials. I’ve mainly seen tile in the Habitats I’ve frequented, but they were not lacking in quantity whatsoever. Perfect amount for a bathroom renovation. ;

Bright, white, discounted tile. Renovation

Very pretty bright tile.

Pretty white light tile sale low budget Remodel renovation on a budget

Discounted boxes of white tile.

Dark neutral discounted tile renovation Remodel

Dark Neutral Tile, reminds me of a sea bed.

They weren’t lacking in the hardwood department either. Both these colors are gorgeous, but the second would look amazing with a clean white theme. Or even the rustic/farmhouse look. 

Discounted dark,Hardwood Floors sale low budget renovation

Dark Hardwood Floors on sale.

Cheap Hardwood Flooring Low Budget Renovation Remodel

I’m obsessed with these. That price can’t be beat.

Crazy good stuff here, right? 

They’ve also got sooo many light fixtures, which can run unnecessarily pricey. Some of these may not be super modern, but they are dying for someone to give them the TLC they deserve. 

Cheap Light Fixtures Remodel Renovation Budget

Smaller nice light fixtures.

Low Budget Light Fuxtures Cheap Chandelier

Quite a few light fixture steals!

In this day and age, stainless steel appliances have become the standard. Houses with white appliances or black, may not look as nice or modern as their stainless counterparts. I know that comes with a hefty price tag, but Habitat’s got your back. Look, this is only $325. 

Discounted Stainless Steel Double Oven Remodel renovation budget

Stainless Steel Double ovens as far as the eye can see!

Discounted stainless Steel appliance Remodel renovation Oven budget

Stainless Steel Double Oven

So many people opt to re-paint their cabinets instead of buying new, which is a very smart idea. Though, if you’re looking for something different, ReStore can seriously hook you up.  

Cheap Budget Renovation Bathroom Remodel Cabinet Vanity

Inexpensive Bathroom Cabinet

They’ve also got doors, sinks, and modern fixtures to aid in your renovation.  

My favorite part is their materials, but they do sell furtniture, too. Their furniture is a little pricier than I’d want to pay, but it’s still an option. 

Budget Dresser Furniture Remodel Fixer Upper Budget Cheap Discount Renovation

Perfect Fixer Upper Rustic Dresser

Sale Furniture Remodel Budget green couch sofa sectional.

Gorgeous olive couch.

Renovation Remodel Furniture Cheap Sale Bedroom 4 piece set

4PC Bedroom Dresser Set

Are you looking up your closest ReStore yet? Because you should, if you’re planning for a renovation on a budget.

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