Great Butt Workout Challenge

Debunking The Squat Myths:

What if I told you that those squat challenges didn’t do a thing to make your butt bigger.
Or, those squats aren’t the end-all-be-all butt-building workout. Is your mind blown, yet?
Truth be told, squats aren’t even the most effective glute exercise. Don’t worry, We’ll talk more about the best butt exercises women, what they target, and how they work later!
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The Nitty-Gritty Truth

Honestly, I thought those challenges were gonna change my life. Not to sound dramatic, but I’m pretty sure I was doing something pretty substantial. At the end of my 2nd challenge, I didn’t see much of a difference. I felt that those exercises just had to be doing something, to help me round out my butt! Turns out, it only builds muscular endurance. Not the muscle itself. On top of that, my muscles didn’t have any time to recover!

To firm, tighten, or lift your booty, squats need to have resistance to be effective. I’ll say it again. No amount of those repetitive squat challenges are gonna do a thing if you want to achieve the butt you desire. You would have to literally not be able to lift more than your body weight. That’s the only way those 50-100 rep exercises will be effective.

Even then, squats do so much more for your quads than they do for your glutes.

Squats are still my jam, so I’ve helped break down the most efficient ways to do them.

Efficient Squat Exercises

Want to know what will work? Try dusting off those old dumbells and kettle bells. Squat with those, instead. Added resistance will not only challenge you, but it will give you the results you desire.

Have a gym membership? Try the Smith Machines or the Squat Rack!

For the latter two, if you’re just starting out, try squatting with just the bar to see how much you can handle.

I don’t recommend the leg press machines, seeing as those are less effective than traditional squats. My goal is to make you work smarter, not harder.

The Best Butt Exercises Women

This research study by the American Council on Exercise found a few exercises listed below as more effective than traditional squats.

Reverse Lunges

What they target: Glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs, and quads.
How they work: Your hamstrings get shortened, thus flexing as you step backward and lower down. Your glutes and quads come into play as you raise up. Since this exercise is highly dependent on balance, your abdominals are playing a role.
Why I Like Them Most: They are less stressful/painful on the joints, so it’s more suitable for people with hip and knee injuries. As said by International fitness educator and senior manager of training and development for TRX.

Cable Pull-Throughs

What they target: Glutes & Hamstrings
How they work: They directly work your glutes, by teaching you to target your hips rather than lower back. Cable pull-through force you to maintain full body tension.
Why I Like Them Most: The cable pull-throughs are hip-dominated like the kettle bell swings and deadlifts, but are easier to learn. They also place virtually no load on your spine.

Weighted Hip Bridge

What they target: Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Quads, Abs
How they work: Thrusting your hips into the air isolates your glutes and activates your hamstrings and abs.
Why I Like Them Most: You can lift so much more weight safer, than with other exercises. They’re quite easy for beginners and are still a great workout for those more advanced.


What they target: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves
How they work: This High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise forces your body to stay in a more effective fat-burning mode. Because of its nature, you lose body fat, rather than overall body mass (think water weight).
Why I Like Them Most: I may be biased since I ran track in HS, but this is a killer form of cardio. To back up my claim, this study showed that women, after sprinting, had a significant increase in protein synthesis pathways. In laymen terms, it means it has a significant effect on muscle-building.

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Final Secret:

Protein. Everyone needs more of it, not just those meatheads. You are building muscle and need the nutrition to match. Protein is essential to seeing results.

I’ve even noticed a dramatic increase in my milk supply when I started taking more.

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Butt Building Notes

If you only remember 3 things that I’ve told you, remember these:

  • 1. Don’t do the same exercise every day. Your body needs to recover.
  • 2. You can do your squats, just add resistance.
  • 3. Take more protein!

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Your body may hate you the day after, but you will feel a difference and soon see one. These effective butt exercises women are easy to do.

Not up to the challenge? Take the advice I’ve given and apply it today if you want to make change happen.