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Me As A Mom

Hey y’all! So I’m Derika and I cannot stay away from a good deal. It’s a serious problem I have, due to insane FOMO. I don’t care if I’ll never use it. Chances are, I know someone in my life has to. Amirite?
But finding the best deals, with so many ways to get information, can seem like overkill.
I’ve wished time and time again for a place to go to that has the deals I’m looking for. Or places to buy what I want within my budget. Whenever I talk to my mom friends, we constantly swap tips on deals and some of our fitness goals. Why not combine my two passions?

My husband is a fitness and nutrition beast. He is crazy good at what he does. Whenever people come to him asking for his recommendation, he goes above and beyond. Not only that, he’s also super knowledgeable when it comes to diet and exercise. Naturally, he runs that part of MAAM. Check out his latest recommendations here

We’ve also got a little munchkin named Aiden who is our inspiration, along with our rescue doggies. You can check them out here.

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