Affordable Work Clothes

Post is part of a ‘How to Shop at Thrift Stores- the RIGHT way’, series. 

Do you really like how expensive some new work/professional clothing is? I get it. If you work full time, you’ll be wearing it all week long. As if work wasn’t already draining. There’s absolutely no excuse as to why it should drain your pockets, too. Terry Cruz from Everybody Hates Cris ain’t got nothin on me.

Affordable Work Clothes

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When I got my first office job, I was pretty excited to dress professionally. Except, I didn’t have the money to.

My mom thrift shops like no one else can, I’m convinced. She only had to take me to one Goodwill to get 4 very nice pants and 3 button downs. We only spent a fraction of what we would have at retail stores. 

Designer Discounted Jcrew Polo Striped Goodwill

Jcrew Collared Polo

Discounted Cheap Inexpensive Work Slacks The Limited

Beautiful Heathered The Limited Work Slacks

When you go thrifting, what in particular are you looking for?
Clothes? Fanny pack? Or do you just wander aimlessly?

Here is my fail-proof method to always getting worthwhile finds:

  1. Don’t have a specific item in mind. Like last season’s Prada shoes. It will most likely not be there or suit your fancy. For work clothes, I suggest something general like well fitting beige dress pants or a polo. 
  2. Take your time. Rushing through some gold mines may leave you empty for handed. If what you were looking for was front-and-center, I guarantee someone’s claimed it as their own. 
  3. Try them on. I loathe having to switch clothes multiple times a day, but you get used to it with kids. Taking 5 minutes out at Goodwill makes sure you get something that actually fits well. 
  4. Try a consignment store. Clothing is held to a much higher standard, so you won’t feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Side note-Consignment stores are not donation based, so the prices are higher than thrift stores. 
  5. Before checking out the price, look at the item and decide how much you would spend on it. You are guaranteed to get a better deal when you’re realistic. 
  6. Location matters. Obviously, the better and nicer an area is, you can expect higher end and well maintined donations. Imagine thrifting in Beverly Hills or The Upper East Side of NY. A girl can dream, right?

In an effort to help you get good deals, I stopped in a Goodwill near Midtown, Atlanta. I’ve been here once before. I was only in there for about 20 minutes total. 

So many great finds. Even quite a few work clothes, new with tags! 

Cheap Black Grey Dark Business Attire Slacks

Business Slacks found at Goodwill.

Discounted Ann Taylor Goodwill New Work Pants

Brand New With Tags Ann Taylor dress Pants

These clothes were in incredible condition. Sometimes, when clothes go out of season and do not sell, stores will donate them to Goodwill for a big tax write-off. Finding things like this is not unusual. Once you know what to look for, you’re golden. 

Till this day, I have not paid full price for any of the brands mentioned. My job literally couldn’t pay me to. Ha-ha.
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Discounted Cheap Inexpensive Thrift Goodwill Work Outfit

Versatile Banana Republic Find

They do have a great selection of men’s professional wear, as well. I didn’t get a chance to check it out. I had a feeling there was some amazing stuff to be found in there that day. And my gut was correct.

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