The Ultimate Step by Step Pinterest for Bloggers Guide

June 12, 2017
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The Ultimate Step by Step Pinterest for Bloggers Guide

I know, growing a brand-spankin-new Pinterest Account that quickly seems daunting. Right? I couldn’t even get my personal account to grow that fast in the 5 years since I’ve had it. And I considered myself a social media connoisseur.

It’s possible. I’m not even here to sell you anything or spew out bs that I don’t even have the results to back it up with. My Pinterest for Bloggers Guide is here to sky-rocket your growth like it did mine.

This guide breaks everything that has worked for me so far. I’m even breaking it down step-by-step so you don’t feel overwhelmed and end up wandering aimlessly. It happens.
*Disclosure. This post contains affiliate links from BoardBooster, which is something I’ve used since I started blogging and absolutely love. *

Pinterest for bloggers guide

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Your Account

Step 1: Create your Business Account or Switch your Existing Account to a Business Account.

Why: Having a Pinterest Business account gives you all the bells and whistles. First and foremost, you are able to have rich pins. What are rich pins? Recipe pins, pins that let you shop on Pinterest, and pins that make sure your text is bolded. It also helps to establish authority and is likelier to help you with their Smart Feed. The Second Best part of having a Business account is being able to see your reach, most popular pins, and engagement with your Analytics.


  • 1.Go to Pinterest for Business
  • 2. Click ‘Join as a Business’.
  • 3. Fill in the fields with all your goodies.
  • 4. Head over to WordPress and install & activate the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • 5. Go to the Features tab and enable the ‘Advanced Features’ option.
  • 6. Click here to go to the Rich Pin Validator.
  • 7. Paste a BLOG POST. Not a static page like your about me, contact, or homepage.
  • 8. Click Validate. Click ‘Apply Now’. Then click ‘Apply Now’ again.


Step 2: Finish Setting up Your Account

  • Make sure that your profile image is professional, neat, and clear. It’s the first thing someone sees, when you re-pin their content.
  • Add keywords in your profile name and description, so people will find you when they search ‘Mom Blogger, Fitness Blogger, or Travel Blogger’.
  • Follow the ‘name + who you help + what you do’ format for your description. For example, ‘I’m Kate and I help mamas make the tastiest vegan + gluten friendly treats at’.

Pinterest Boards

Step 3: Make Relevant + Inspiring Boards

  • Create boards that your ideal reader will love you to the moon and back for. Make sure that they also relate to your content. Some uber popular board ideas include Fitness Tips, Healthy Recipes, DIY Craft Ideas, Beauty Tips, and so on.
  • Create a “Best of” board to host your best pins from your blog.
  • Don’t name your boards something super clever and quirky. I’m guilty of this on my personal account and even gave myself hi-5s for a few of the names. *cough cough* Don’t Mind if I Do’ *cough*. You want your boards to come up on both a Pinterest and a Google Search, which is a bonus of having keyword rich board names.
  • Have a keyword-rich description. The caveat? Don’t throw conflicting keywords together because it will hurt your rank/visibility. Pinterest’s smart feed and search engine is only so smart. Help it out by having 2-3 similar keywords like ‘budgeting tips, coupons hacks or saving money’.
  • Re-arrange your boards so the most relevant ones appear first. You want to give people a reason to follow you, so they need to see content that they care about.
  • Join group boards to increase visibility. You can find them by searching for ‘x group boards’ on Pinterest, asking in blogging Facebook groups and using the Boardbooster Best Group Board feature.

    Pinterest Optimized Images

    Step 4: Only use Pinterest Optimized Images

  • Keep your images consistent by using the same template. You can find free ones in Canva or premium ones on Creative Market.
  • Don’t upload an image directly to Pinterest. It will not have alt text, preventing it from showing up in the search engine. Save it to WordPress first and add relevant keywords in the alt text area.
  • Don’t pin horizontal images. Vertical ones take up more space in the smart feed, so it won’t go easily overlooked.
  • Use plugins like Social Warfare and Sumome so users can share your content to Pinterest.
  • Use a tall, vertical image for your Blog’s Feature Image. It also helps with SEO.
  • Test out Pinterest images by creating an A/B version. One may perform vastly better than the other, although they link to the same content.
  • Use a Call To Action in your Pinterest image. It gets the people going!
  • Revisit and refresh old pins to give them a new look. A few minutes using your new template can sky-rocket your viewership overnight.
  • Red and faceless images perform better than their counterparts.

Boosting Visibility and Gaining Followers

Step 5: Use Facebook + Pinterest to Network and Gain Quality Followers

  • Join Facebook Groups with Bloggers in your niche. Most have promo days where you can re-pin content that your followers will love, and the person will repin yours. You can also follow, network with, and collaborate with other bloggers on Pinterest that way.
  • Join group boards and follow the rules. Consistently pin to and from the group boards so they thrive. Board booster makes it easy to batch pin from all my 30+ group boards in a way that keeps the pins at 1 repin per day and doesn’t spam my followers.
  • Pin high-quality content consistently. The more you pin things that your followers love, Pinterest will see your account as valuable. Your content will show up more frequently in users’ smart feeds.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule. Don’t spam your followers with only your content.
  • Loop your most popular pins. Boardbooster also makes this super easy! You just schedule it to relevant boards months in advance. Your new followers will see content they missed.
  • Follow people who followed your personal account, are in your niche, re-pinned your content, and re-pinned content you find relevant.

Other Growth Hacks

Pinterest Keyword tool is my go-to for my Alt-text and Group Board name creator. Remember that people don’t search for the same things on Pinterest as they do on Google.


Honestly, if you sat here and took notes, I’d be super impressed. Just for that, I’ll invite you to my ultra-cool group boards. Just use this form below.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Pin this and bookmark it so you’ll come back to it later.

It’s so much easier when you take it step by step and do it over a short amount of time.

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